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This website lists a myriad of activities and programs designed to help children and teens with special needs. Please email us if you come across other opportunities that welcome people with special needs. We'd love to include them on our platform!

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My name is Rachel and I'm a senior in high school. My relationship with the special-needs community is through my 20-year-old sister who has autism. Her personality is beyond exuberant, and her greatest joy is being able to participate in engaging activities and events with friends. However, it has been hard for my family to find activities in which my sister can participate. She tried joining various clubs at our public school but found neither much interest in the topics nor friendliness from the other students. After a copious amount of research, my parents were able to discover activities created specifically for kids and teens with special needs. This was the changing point in both her life and ours because we were introduced to a new and caring world filled with people just like my sister, and family members just like my parents and me.

I realized that many families who have children with special needs are not aware of these incredible opportunities. Thus, I created this website where I provide families similar to my own with an extended list of activities in which their children can participate. From personal experience, I have seen how these activities have sculpted my sister into a much more confident and optimistic young woman, and it would bring me the utmost satisfaction knowing that this platform helped other people!